When should I review or update my Trust? You should review your estate planning documents periodically. If it is not up to date when you die, your estate may not be distributed as you wish. Your Trust can be changed through an Amendment, a legal document that must be drafted and executed with the same procedure… Read More

If you have guests with young children coming into town, the best thing you can do to make their trip easy and efficient is to make sure they have quality baby/toddler equipment ready for them. Don’t buy it and then have to store it or re-sell it. Instead, RENT the equipment from a top-rated baby… Read More

If you are a new parent, you have questions about guardians.  What is a guardian? How do I nominate a guardian? How do I choose a guardian for my child? If you are interested in learning more about Guardianships and/or nominating a guardian for your child, see my powerpoint presentation – “Introduction to Guardianships”, available… Read More

It’s very inexpensive to obtain a reasonable sized fire-proof safe at your local Home Depot, Costco, or office supply store. SAFE DEPOSIT BOX CHECKLIST BASIC INSTRUCTIONS keep these documents in a safe deposit box or fireproof safe check off each item as you include it include the date and location of your safe deposit box… Read More

One excellent use for life insurance in the area of estate planning is to cover estate expenses.  Typically, even a small policy can aid here.  The policy pays out on the decedent’s death, and provides a quick lump-sum payment to heirs to fund many expenses, including: Estate, income, and capital gains taxes Real estate payments,… Read More

I represent many young families.  These are couples in their twenties to early forties with small children and small estates.  Typically, they have no home or a home with limited equity.  Their major concern, after nominating a guardian for their children, is how would the family cope financially if one of them were to die… Read More

I can’t over-emphasize the importance life insurance can play in your estate plan! Often, a person or couple will delay buying life insurance until they feel they can better afford it. However, that’s not wise. The older you get, the more expensive new life insurance policies become and the less insurable you become. At some… Read More

California has no state Estate Tax, and is not likely to enact one in the next decade at least, based on current politics. That doesn’t mean that, as a California resident, you can necessarily forget about state Estate Taxes. If you have a diverse portfolio of investments, some of those assets may be in other states.
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Estate Planning begins with the following steps: 1.  List your Assets:  Make a list of everything you own, including all bank accounts, investments, real estate, insurance policies, and any other valuable items of personal property.  Split the list into assets with named beneficiaries (such as insurance policies and retirement plans), jointly held assets, and assets… Read More