So, you’re thinking about registering with your significant other but not sure what the requirements or benefits are?  You’re not alone!  But the requirements are really quite simple.

There are six requirements to enter into a California Registered Domestic Partnership. These are covered in California Family Code Section 297(b).

1. Neither party can be married or currently in a Registered Domestic Partnership.
2. Both must be capable of consent (18 years of age, not subject to a conservatorship, etc.).
3. Both parties must live together (have a common residence).
4. Both parties must register.
5. Both parties must be of the same sex -or- of opposite sex, with one party over 62 and eligible for benefits under Title II of the S.S.A.
6. The parties can’t be related by blood in a way that would prevent them from being married to each other if they were an opposite-sex couple.

Bottom line?  If you’re a same sex couple, both over 18, living together, not first cousins, not married or already in an RDP, then you’re good to go.  Get rings!  Select a china pattern!  Reserve the Brass Rail for the after-party!

Still confused?  Hire a lawyer to help you out.