From time to time my child amazes me with his creativity and imagination, and I’m sure that most parents will say the same thing.  Is it possible that each of us is mentoring a prospective Poe, Hemingway, or… dare I imagine… J.K. Rowling? 

If you want to open your young person’s creative juices to the written word, or encourage their writing talents, consider attending “Igloos in Oceanside,” a March 26, 2011 (rescheduled from February 26th) event hosted by Kid Expressions.  Time and Place: 9:00 a.m. at 802 South Tremont Street, Oceanside, California.

At Igloos in Oceanside, rigid styro-foam triangles each about three feet tall will be used to create a geodesic half-dome  about twelve feet in diameter, and big enough to cozy up inside away from the California rainstorms! Your child can claim a triangle of his own, and draw, paint, scribble, or write anything he wants onto it.  The event is free, but a donation is requested, as is online registration.

The event will be catered by The Flying Pig, and is meant to bring attention to Kid Expressions’ program of children’s writing workshops.  Young writers will be divided into three classes by experience: Beginning Writers, Advanced Writers, and Authors, each mentored by adults.  90-minute seminars will be presented once a week for eight weeks, covering topics such as: “Character Development” and “Writing From Experience.”

I learned about this event from noted designer and children’s book illustrator Teri Rider. For myself, I just hope they’ll still be offering seminars when my little “Samuel Clemens” has learned to write his ABC’s.  For the rest of you, good luck!

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  • This looks very cool, Daniel! Do you know what age range the event is for? (e.g. will my 12-year-old be towering over everyone else or would she fit right in?)

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