Question: Which supersedes, a will or a trust?

Answer: Neither, a will and a trust govern different property.

Daniel Print z logoIf a person has a living trust, they should have a will as well. The trust document covers only things that are put into the trust. The will covers anything that is not in trust, and not in a designated-beneficiary account like life insurance or retirement accounts. Normally a will created alongside a trust is a “pour-over” will, and it leaves everything to the trust.

For example, let’s say I own a house in my own name and I have a will leaving everything to my son. The house is controlled by my will. Then I make a trust leaving everything I own to the Humane Society. The house is still controlled by my will because it’s not in the trust. Then I create a Deed transferring the house from myself, Daniel Printz, to myself as trustee: “Daniel Printz, as Trustee of the Daniel Printz Trust.” NOW the house is controlled by the trust and will go to the Humane Society.

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