A Living Estate is what we own while we are alive. All of those things that go into your financial junk drawer: your cash, real property, vehicles, jewelery, 401K accounts, etc., are part of your living estate.… Read More

Sometimes we want to give to charity, but we feel we can’t because we don’t want to deplete our resources for ourselves or our family. Life insurance has a role to play here. Life insurance placed in an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) can replace the value of assets given to charity. Life insurance can… Read More

One excellent use for life insurance in the area of estate planning is to cover estate expenses.  Typically, even a small policy can aid here.  The policy pays out on the decedent’s death, and provides a quick lump-sum payment to heirs to fund many expenses, including: Estate, income, and capital gains taxes Real estate payments,… Read More

I represent many young families.  These are couples in their twenties to early forties with small children and small estates.  Typically, they have no home or a home with limited equity.  Their major concern, after nominating a guardian for their children, is how would the family cope financially if one of them were to die… Read More