“My loved one has passed away, and I don’t know what to do.”

Of course not. You’re not alone. It’s not like there’s a brochure listing all the things a person has to do when they lose a family member. There can’t be – every family is different, and rules are different even from county to county.

That’s why you need an expert to help you do the many things you don’t know how to do, including:

  1. Locating the paperwork that funeral homes and mortuaries need to see
  2. Notifying the California Department of Health Care Services
  3. Filing the proper paperwork with the County Assessor
  4. Negotiating with creditors, even down to pennies on the dollar
  5. Depositing the decedent’s original will with the proper Probate Court
  6. Serving notices to beneficiaries and family members
  7. … and many more tasks that need doing.

“Can’t any lawyer help me?”

Not at all; you want a proven expert. Daniel K. Printz has represented families in California since 2000, and has taught probate and trust administration procedures at the University of San Diego since 2007. If you don’t hire the best, how will you know what’s being missed? 

Daniel K. Printz represents parties in probate and trust administration matters:

  • Executors
  • Administrators
  • Trustees
  • Beneficiaries
  • Creditors

We handle all forms of post-death administration:

  • Continuing trusts
  • Administrative trusts
  • Small estate administration
  • Formal probate
  • Ancillary probate
  • Spousal property transfers

“Will I be comfortable with Daniel?”

Here are testimonials straight from clients on Yelp:

“Met with Daniel to get quotes and options together for our family. He was kind, attentive and really listened, did not rush us.” – Holly S., San Diego

“Daniel Printz is the most kind and honest lawyer I’ve ever met. … My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he gave me excellent legal advice while being extremely compassionate and caring.” – Jewl K., San Diego

“Daniel has helped us bridge the divide between family factions.  Of course, he is very knowledgeable about probate and trust law. Daniel also gets real world practicality. This, combined with his compassion, has given us peace of mind…” – Nancy C., Dallas, TX

Daniel K. Printz teaches the processes and procedures of probate, trust administration, and other post-death transfer techniques to the top paralegals in San Diego County. He makes it simple for them, and he can make it simple for you.

Call now for a consultation: (858) 519-8020.