Today I came across a well-written article that deals with these questions, and provides some practical tips for lawyers who tweet. It’s by Gina Rubel and was published online in the Legal Intelligencer Blog. … Read More

Your father, as a settlor and trustee, has a right to a copy of the trust that he and your mother hired the attorney to draft, assuming the attorney still retains a copy in the file. The request does not have to be notarized; in fact, he should simply be able to pick up the phone and call.… Read More

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The California Supreme Court has approved Rule 9.7.   This Rule requires attorneys to report their current office address, telephone number, and e-mail address by using their on-line membership account at the State Bar’s Website.  Members who do not have on-line access (and who might that be?) or who do not have an e-mail address can… Read More